Training of Property Practitioners

“The role of the property practitioner is, therefore, still fundamentally the same as it [has] always been: connecting willing sellers with willing buyers.”

– Private Property

Madalane Peyper, Director, heads up the Property Training Academy. She offers training on the following subjects or any other subject on request:


·       Mandates

·       Consumer Protections Act

·       Voetstoots

·       Offer to Purchase

·       Party descriptions in Offer to Purchase agreement

·       Vat vs Transfer Duty

·       Suspensive conditions

·       Registration process

·       Sectional Titles

·       Developments

·       Financial Intelligence Centre Act

·       New legislation applicable on Estate Agencies and Agents

·       POPI – Protection of personal Information Act 

·       Financial calculations in property transactions
·       Costs applicable to Purchasers and Sellers
·       Rookie Training 
·       72 Hour Clause
·       Property Practitioner’s Act 
·       Code of conduct of PPRA
·       Risk Management and Compliance Programme (“RMCP”)
·       Commission Calculations
·       Deeds Office procedures
·       Rentals
·       Different Certificates applicable in a transfer
·       Municipality Procedures: Application for figures and credit applications.
·       Bond Registration Process
·       Property Zoning
·       Legal Entities 
·       Voetstoots Clause
·       Zero-rated transactions
·       Sale of Business Agreements
·       Resolutions
·       Subdivision of erven
·       Consolidation of erven
·       Buying a property on auctions
·       Instalment Sale Agreement
·       Pitfalls in Offer To Purchase Agreements
·       Customary marriages
·       Deceased Estate Transfers 
·       Divorce and Property
·       Flisp Applications
·       HOA and Body Corporates
·       Lease Agreements
·       Property Condition Report
·  Addendums to Offer to Purchase Agreements

After each training seminar the agents are presented with a Certificate which can be used for CPD points, which is compulsory for their Logbooks.


Madalane Peyper has been involved in several Estate Agencies as owner and has the practical experience and knowledge on important aspects for an agent to survive in a competitive environment. Owners are usually sales driven and do not always have time available to make sure that Agents are ready for the field, knowing and understanding all the legalities involved in a mandate, Offer to Purchase as well as applicable legislation.


Training is conducted in a very personal environment at our offices, once a month, for approximately 5 hours. Each agent receives a training manual with examples to keep as their personal property and an attendance Certificate. For every hour of attendance  one CPD point is awarded. See example of such a Certificate attached hereto.


Round table discussions about daily situations and unpleasant circumstances in the lives of Agents gives the Agents important advice on how to act whenever they are presented with such a situation. Opportunity is given to the agents to give their input and options are considered to handle these situations. Everybody interacts and participate in these conversations and role play. A white board is used for explanations.


Personal relationships are formed between the agents and the Transferring Attorney, contributing to better communication. Having such an open-door approach with the agents, makes the whole registration process more comfortable and rewarding for everybody involved.


Our Conveyancing department prides ourselves by giving personal attention to all our agents by also being available on our cellular phones. Our office has several boardrooms available to agents to meet with potential Sellers and Purchasers. Our staff can assist with copies, deed searches and drafting of addendums when required to do so.


We would also be open to rendering services like the following:

  • Drafting of Wills for a Seller or Buyer, at no fee. This service can be offered by the Agent to their clients. (T&C’s apply)
  • An administrative adjustment on the transfer fee to a Purchaser in the event where our offices are attending to a double transfer.
  • Bridging to a Seller or Agent for advances (T&C’s apply)
  • Attending show houses with agents using our branding material, brochures, information guides, fee structures and branded bottles of water. We are more than willing to answer questions during show houses.
  • Assisting agents with more complicated transactions involving possible tax or vat @zero rated.
  • Drafting of branded Madalane Peyper Inc guides for Sellers, Buyers, Developers, as well as Bond guides and Transfer guides that can be used during show days when presenting a listing or when an Offer to Purchase has been signed. These guides are very informative for first time Buyers and explains the whole process.
  • Offering the services of an Independent Electrician for the issuing of Certificates of Compliance.
  • Continued re-drafting of Listings, Offer to Purchase and Agreements Annexures (POPI, FICA RMCP) to stay abreast of changes in related Legislation.


“Are you a Property Practitioner? ”

Talk to us to find out when Madalane Peyper, Inc. will be hosting the next world-class training course focused on sharpening your skills within the property industry to become and stay one of the best of the best.