Conveyancing Correspondent Services


  • Double prepping of your deeds before lodgement in the deeds office and rectification of any errors within reason
  • For our correspondents, we ensure that your deeds comply with the rules and regulations of the Bloemfontein Deeds Office
  • Arrangement of lodgement with linked conveyancing firms and notification thereof
  • Removal of notes where possible, once the deeds come up for preparation
  • Delivery of registered deeds to you or to linked attorneys
  • Conducting of searches at the deeds office
  • Arrangement for the signature of transfer and mortgage bond documents with your clients based in and around Bloemfontein

We Notify you of

  • Registration of deeds
  • The status of your deeds in the deeds office 

We go to

  • The deeds office on your behalf to obtain rulings from the Registrar of Deeds when required
  • The Surveyor General’s office for queries or to obtain copies of diagrams
  • The Master’s Office to attend to your estate queries, and the submission and collection of your endorsed power of attorney