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the following steps to
transferring property

Our vision has been to challenge the everyday, traditional, and cold conveyancing process into one that is modern, inviting, and human-centered yet professional, transparent and fruitful.

  1. Obtain an Offer to Purchase.
  2. Appoint and consult with a Conveyancer (a lawyer specialising in property transfers). The seller typically chooses the Conveyancer, but the Purchaser also can.
  3. Once you have appointed a Conveyancer, they will conduct a Deeds Search.
  4. The Conveyancer also obtains the necessary guarantees regarding the Bond and the bond cancellation figures (electricity, rates and taxes, and levies from the Municipality and Body Corporate/ Home Owners Association).
  5. The Conveyancer follows up on the bond approval conditions of the Purchaser and then prepares the transfer documentation once the suspensive conditions have been fulfilled. After that, they send the draft Deed and guarantee requirements to the Bond Registration Attorneys.
  6. The next step is to sign the applicable transfer documentation.
  7. The relevant party pays involved costs into the Conveyancer Trust Account.
  8. Now, the Conveyancer obtains the Compliance Certificates.
  9. Submit the required documents to the Deeds Office.
  10. Your Deed and documents are delivered within around 10 days since submission by the Conveyancer.

Please note that this is the step-by-step conveyancing process for a standard transfer, not a deceased or divorce transfer, etc., which may include additional steps, causing the registration process to become lengthier.

Important information to consider before


Relevant documents to present to a Conveyancer?

What is a Title Deed, and what do you need to know about the Deeds Search conducted by a Conveyancer?

Which compliance certificates are required to fulfil the Offer to Purchase?

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Transferring Ownership

What is

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of immovable property from the seller (the current owner) to the purchaser.

This process will ensure that the property is legally transferred.

An attorney is appointed in the Offer to Purchase, who will ensure that the Purchaser complies with all of the formalities. The attorney will also guide the Seller to ensure that the Seller complies with the formalities which are required. The attorney will ensure that the purchase price for the property is secured from the Purchaser before the transfer of ownership can take place.

Upon the payment of the purchase price and compliance with certain formalities, the transfer of ownership is registered in the Deeds Office.

The attorney co-ordinates the entire process while safe-guarding the Seller’s interests.


As a firm, we are transparent with our costs and will advise on the associated professional fees and disbursements associated with the conveyancing process.

We further advise on the time frames required for the conveyancing process and continually update all parties involved in the conveyancing process.

Madalane Peyper Inc will send an Attorney to your home or place of work, to assist you with the signing of your deal as well as the transfer documents. In this way you are not inconvenienced when doing the paperwork behind your transaction to sell your property. The Attorney will also be able to give you general advice on all aspects surrounding the financial implications, Capital Gains Tax, Estate Planning, etc.