Administration of Estates

“Administration of an estate refers to the management of the assets and liabilities of someone who has died.” – Cornell Law School.

  1. The Master of the High Court (the Master)
  2. The Executor/agent
  3. The Conveyancer. As stated by SARS, Conveyancers “liaise with the Registrar of Deeds to take care of the transfer of Title Deeds where the deceased-owned immovable property must be transferred to heirs or sold and transferred to a third party.”
  4. The Registrar of Deeds
  5. The South African Revenue Service
  6. The family, surviving spouse, heirs, and legatees


Madalane Peyper Inc. specialises in the law relating to the liquidation and distribution of the estates of deceased persons, the administration of the property of minors and persons under curatorship, and derelict estates; to regulate the rights of beneficiaries under mutual wills made by any two or more persons.

If the deceased person has a valid will, the Administration of Estates Act 66 of 1965  governs the process. If the person who passed does not have a valid will, the estate will be handled in terms of the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987. The estate will, in such circumstances, devolve upon the surviving spouse or the surviving spouse and children of the deceased and grandchildren (where a child has predeceased the deceased leaving children). Where there are no descendants, the parents will inherit, and the brothers and sisters will inherit in their absence.


Learn more about the Administration of Estates via the SARS website or watch SARS TV on YouTube for educational videos.


Administration Services

  • Administration of estates

  • Administration of trusts

  • Administration of trust assets

  • All aspects of estate planning

  • Curatorship

  • Drafting and preparation of the Liquidation and Distribution Account

  • Drafting of wills and codicils

  • Formation and registration of trusts (testamentary and inter vivos)

  • Making payments to and on behalf of beneficiaries

  • Managing Estate investment and bank accounts

  • Realising or transferring share portfolios and unit trust instruments

“Are you looking for a trustworthy Conveyancer to assist you in administrating your loved one’s estate? ”