Festive Season Sellers and Buyers: Start Getting Your Compliance Certificates Ready

“If you find yourself discontented with your current situation, take action and move – after all, you’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn


For sellers, here’s a comprehensive checklist outlining the compliance certificates that may be pertinent to your situation and what buyers will expect in the legal agreement when purchasing your property:

  1. Electrical Compliance Certificate:
    • Validates the safety and compliance of electrical installations (e.g., distribution boards, wiring).
    • Issued by a registered electrical contractor.
    • Non-negotiable; cannot be waived.
  2. Electric Fence System Certificate:
    • Applicable if an electric fence system was installed or modified post-1 October 2012.
    • Transferable to the buyer.
    • Issued exclusively by a registered electric fence system installer.
    • Cannot be waived.
  3. Gas Compliance Certificate:
    • Mandatory if gas appliances are installed.
    • Confirms compliance with safety standards and proper functioning.
    • Must be issued by a registered professional.
    • Non-negotiable; cannot be waived.
  4. Beetle Infestation Certificate:
    • Often required by banks and insurers, particularly in coastal areas.
    • Affirms the absence of wood-destroying insects in accessible wood structures.
    • Negotiable with the buyer; validity typically ranges from 3 to 6 months.
  5. Water Installation Certificate:
    • Currently mandated by the City of Cape Town.
    • Ensures compliance with the city’s water system bylaws.
    • Only a qualified and registered plumber can issue it.
    • Non-negotiable; cannot be waived.


For both sellers and buyers, understanding and addressing the intricacies of compliance certificates is pivotal for a smooth and efficient transfer process. These certificates serve as a protective shield, ensuring that properties adhere to crucial safety, health, and building regulations. Sellers, in particular, bear the responsibility of obtaining these certificates, and failure to do so can lead to delays and legal repercussions.

At Madalane Peyper Inc., we understand the nuances of the real estate legal landscape, and we stand ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of compliance certificates. Let us be your partners in ensuring a seamless and secure transition in this vibrant season of property transactions.

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